Return Policy

If FirstCallOnline portal clients cannot return their purchased products to an O’Reilly Auto Parts store, they can submit their return to If the return is approved, the value of the product will be credited to the gift/credit/debit card basically utilized to purchase the product (usually within 1-3 business days after receiving the product from

O’Reilly Auto Parts company recommends that users ship with a carrier that grants tracking, insurance, and delivery support (for instance, UPS or FedEx) for the security of the purchased item. If users utilize the USPS courier service, they must request a USPS subscription upon the product delivery.

The FirstCallOnline primary product sales receipt from O’Reilly First Call Online is mandatory to request the return of purchased products and also for a refund.

Recently replaced items will be credited with the full acquisition price and applicable credit card taxes, which will be deducted separately at the time of order.

As per the norms of O’Reilly Auto Parts and also the official drafting of, the shipping and administration costs will never be refunded to the client.

It is necessary for every customer to read all the terms and conditions of the official FirstCallOnline to access the online portal accordingly. All the products sold must be checked and certified before the credit is announced.

Unapproved products are not passed to the customers as per the official regulations of O’Reilly Auto Parts. The organization does not permit C.O.D. for products that are transferred as returns from the clients.

First Call Online does not permit the return of personalized orders. The FirstCallOnline portal clients must recognize this point to avoid future difficulties.

The ordinary hourly wage for O’Reilly auto parts searches from $ 8.88 per hour for cashiers/salespeople to $ 13.01 per hour for the respective store assistants & managers as per the FirstCallOnline norms.

The average O’Reilly Auto Parts wage ranges from approximately $ 15,000 per year for cashiers/salespeople to an amount of $ 39,839 per year for the respective store managers.